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Power Rankings | Home Insurance: AAA Takes the Lead, Chubb Faces Resistance

Updated: Oct 5, 2023


Choosing the right home insurance is more than just a financial decision; it's about finding a protector for your most valuable asset—your home. Our power rankings evaluate insurance companies based on a variety of factors, from customer service to policy offerings, to help you make an informed choice.



Current Rank: 1 ⬆️

Previous Rank: 4

Analysis: AAA jumps from fourth to first place this month, showcasing their versatility beyond just automobile services. They're gaining a reputation as reliable protectors for both your car and your home. Customer trust? Check. Positive contractor experiences? Absolutely.


Current Rank: 2⬆️

Previous Rank: 5

Analysis: Travelers, the nomads of the insurance world, have found a home at number two. They're not just for those with wanderlust; they're also for those who want their homes well-protected. Low-key on the advertising but high-key on delivering promises.


Current Rank: 3⬇️

Previous Rank: 1

Analysis: Allstate, you're no longer in "good hands" at the top spot. They've been dethroned and now sit at a still-respectable third place. Comprehensive coverage? Check. Digital tools? Check. Pulling out of high-risk areas? Well, nobody's perfect.


Current Rank: 4⬆️

Previous Rank: 5

Analysis: Nationwide is on your side—or so they say. They've climbed one spot, not just because of their catchy jingle, but due to their smorgasbord of coverage options. Contractors report that dealing with them is like a walk in the park, minus the pigeons.

State Farm

Current Rank: 5⬇️

Previous Rank: 2

Analysis: Oh, State Farm, where art thou? Dropping three spots this month, it seems like their customer service couldn't keep them afloat. Maybe it's time to call Jake from State Farm for a better game plan.


Current Rank: 6⬆️

Previous Rank: 7

Analysis: Farmers, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. Apparently, so have you. Climbing a spot this month, Farmers is the go-to for those who love bundling—like a cozy winter day but for insurance.

Liberty Mutual

Current Rank: 7⬇️

Previous Rank: 6

Analysis: Liberty, Liberty, Li—berty drops a spot. Customizable coverage is great and all, but contractors say working with them can sometimes feel like assembling IKEA furniture—confusing and missing a few screws.


Current Rank: 8↔️

Previous Rank: 8

Analysis: Chubb, the Gucci of insurance, stays put at number 8. They offer high-end coverage that's so exclusive, even their cooperation with contractors is a VIP-only event.


Current Rank: 9↔️

Previous Rank: 9

Analysis: USAA, the members-only club of insurance, is still at the bottom. Excellent service but only if you're military. they're about as cooperative as a cat getting a bath.


This month saw significant shifts in our power rankings, with AAA taking the top spot and Allstate falling behind. And as we conclude this edition of our Home Insurance Power Rankings, we find ourselves in the midst of an insurance landscape that's more dynamic and exciting than ever before.

The insurance game is hot and heated right now, with deals, legislation, high-stakes compromises, and bold moves on the table. It's a time of change and transformation. Anything can happen. We'll continue to collect feedback, obtain quotes, and closely watch the industry to see which insurance company emerges as the best. It's an era filled with opportunities, as the insurance industry grapples with a mixed reputation, from pulling out of coverage areas to raising rates.

The question remains: Who will rise to the occasion and redefine excellence in home insurance?



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