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Our Comprehensive Replacement Estimate is the most complete and thorough estimate we offer.

Our Comprehensive Replacement Estimate is based on the plans and specifications provided by the homeowner or builder. This estimate provides the highest level of detail and accuracy possible, and is ideal for new construction, total losses, and high-end custom homes that require more time and attention to detail.


Like all of our estimates, pricing is based on local reputable contractors. In the event there are construction drawings available, let us bid the project on your behalf, allowing you to obtain your own bid while consulting with local contractors.


Our Comprehensive Replacement Estimate connects you with a Madelia estimator, ensuring that you receive the most precise and accurate estimate possible. In case plans or specifications are not available, we can make assumptions or consult with design professionals to establish as-builts and outline specifications to ensure the accuracy of our estimate.


Our Comprehensive Replacement Estimate is priced at a range of $2.50 - $5.00 per square foot, depending on the size and complexity of your home. This estimate provides a fully detailed construction estimate, including all aspects of the project, from site work to interior finishes.


With our Comprehensive Replacement Estimate, you'll receive:

  • A fully detailed construction estimate, based on provided plans and specifications

  • Collaboration with a live Madelia estimator during preparation for more precise results

  • Printable Reports

  • Outline Specifications and consultation with design professionals if plans or specifications are not available

  • Coming Soon: 360-degree photo appendix for a comprehensive visual documentation of your home

Don't take a chance with the future of your home. Get started with our Comprehensive Replacement Estimate today and rest easy knowing that you have the most complete and accurate information available.

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