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Trusted Network. Proven Results.
Protect your biggest investment with an instant home estimate today.


Ensure your home is protected against unexpected events and disasters. 

Protect your investment by understanding the cost of rebuilding your home.

Our free estimate could save you millions.

Offering 3 types of estimates 
Every current and future homeowners have their own needs. We are here for everyone.

  • Instant Estimates
    What is an Instant Estimate? Our instant estimate is a quick and easy way to get an idea of your home's replacement cost, ensuring you have enough insurance coverage in case of a disaster. With just a few clicks, you'll receive an accurate and reliable estimate based on pre-built data and assumptions from our network of trusted and reputable General Contractors and Subcontractors in your local market. How does the Instant Estimate Work? Simply enter your address into our search box, and our automated system will provide you with an estimate of your home's replacement cost. Not all home information is public, in this case we recommend reaching out to Madelia with additional details of the home and we'll gladly update our database resulting in a better estimate. Why should I use Madelia Instant Estimate Tool? Our service is completely free, and it provides you with a rough idea of your home's value. This is useful for refinancing, selling purposes, or most importantly, to ensure you are adequately insured. However, if you're looking for a more detailed estimate, we offer an enhanced replacement estimate for a fee.
  • Enhanced Replacement Estimates
    What is included with the Enhanced Replacement Estimate? Our enhanced estimate provides more precise details, including printable reports, insurance coverage analysis and collaboration with a licensed Madelia construction estimator. This service is ideal for new homeowners, realtors buying and selling homes, or anyone who wants a peace of mind when it comes to understanding their home.
  • Comprehensive Estimates
    What is a Comprehensive Estimate? Our Comprehensive Replacement Estimate is based on the plans and specifications provided by the homeowner or builder, and is available in multiple formats for homeowners, insurance companies, and contractors. This estimate provides the highest level of detail and accuracy possible, and is ideal for new construction, total losses, and high-end custom homes that require more time and attention to detail.

Why get an estimate?

Understanding the true replacement value of your home is crucial when it comes to securing the right amount of insurance coverage. However, this process can often be complex and confusing, leaving many homeowners unsure if they're adequately protected. This is where Madelia comes in.

Just as you would seek multiple bids from contractors when building a home, it's equally important to have diverse perspectives on your home's replacement value when obtaining insurance. While many insurance providers may use the same software or process to estimate your home's value, Madelia offers a unique, local perspective.

At Madelia, we provide an "outside bid" for your home's replacement value. Our estimates are grounded in local construction costs and the realities of your community, offering a valuable alternative to the estimates provided by insurance companies. This local contractor's estimate can give you a more comprehensive understanding of your home's true replacement cost, helping you make more informed decisions about your insurance coverage.

By choosing Madelia, you're not just getting another estimate - you're getting a second opinion that's based on local knowledge and expertise. This can be a game-changer in ensuring you're adequately protected in the event of a disaster.

Explore Madelia Home Estimation Options Below


  • 100% FREE Estimation

  • Instant Estimate Results 

  • Provides rough idea on home's value



  • Additional attributes considered

  • Collaborate with Madelia estimator

  • More accurate

  • Printable reports

  • Annual Pricing updates



  • Comprehensive estimate formulated from plans and specifications

  • Design Specification support as necessary (finish schedules & project outline specifications)

  • Extensive collaboration with a Madelia estimator for precise results

  • Printable reports

  • Insurance Coverage Analysis

  • Annual Pricing updates

What our clients say

Real experiences. Real results.


"We lost our home in the 2017 Tubbs fire-storm that swept through Santa Rosa destroying thousands of houses and businesses.

Adding insult to injury, like most homeowners, we were woefully underinsured. Nicholas worked with our attorney in an effort to get our homeowners policy reformed to reflect the amount for which our house should have been originally insured.

In the end, with Nicholas' assistance, our attorneys were able to secure a judgement that reflected the actual cost to rebuild.  Without his valuable assistance that would have been much more difficult to achieve. We highly recommend Madelia for any of your construction estimate needs."

N Flint, Sonoma County CA

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