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Power Rankings | Home Design: Large Openings Command Attention, Custom Hoods Add Flair

As we approach the end of another remarkable year in home design, it's time to spotlight the features that are making waves in modern living spaces. Our Power Rankings for October 2023 delve into the essential, the innovative, and the purely breathtaking elements currently defining homes.

This list doesn't just enumerate trends—it dives into shifts, explores the whys, and opens up dialogues around what makes a house not just a structure, but a home. From awe-inspiring architectural elements to groundbreaking technologies, we've got you covered.

So, without further ado, let's take a closer look at what’s topping the charts this month in home design features.

Large Openings

Current Rank: 1 Previous Rank: 3 Analysis: Size doesn't matter—until it does! The bigger, the better seems to be the mantra when it comes to large openings. Whether it's a 16, 24, or even a 30-foot expanse, homeowners are pushing the envelope to create awe-inspiring doors. These large openings offer a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces, setting the stage for spectacular design and modern living.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Current Rank: 2 Previous Rank: 1 Analysis: Standing seam metal roofs continue to hang around the top of the rankings as they are the go-to choice for their blend of durability and aesthetics. What makes them even more compelling is their versatility; they complement almost any type of home, from contemporary to rustic. However, their higher cost keeps them from snagging the top spot—for now.

Open Space Living

Current Rank: 3 Previous Rank: 2 Analysis: Open space living has dropped a notch, but staying in the top 3, coinciding nicely with the trend of large openings. These designs emphasize spacious and airy interiors, inviting natural light and providing room for versatile furniture arrangements. While open space living often enhances a home's appeal, it can also introduce noise issues, a factor that slightly impacts its ranking.

Flush Features

Current Rank: 4 Previous Rank: 4 Analysis: Flush features, like curbless showers and flush floor registers, held their position at fourth place but continue to be highly sought after for their minimalist aesthetic. Their clean lines and unobtrusive design make them a favorite among homeowners who appreciate a modern, streamlined look.

Inset Appliances

Current Rank: 5 Previous Rank: 6 Analysis: Built-in appliances continue to rise in the ranks, specifically those that are inset into cabinetry. The integration of appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers not only maximizes space but also offers a seamless, sophisticated look. However, buyers must be cautious—opt for inset over merely panel-ready to achieve the full flush look.

Covered Outdoor Kitchen

Current Rank: 6 Previous Rank: 7 Analysis: Outdoor entertainment spaces are all the rage, complete with BBQ counters, covered trellises, and even fire pits. String up some bistro lights, and you have yourself an outdoor paradise. This feature makes its debut strong, and we foresee it only gaining in popularity..

Solar Panels with Battery Backup

Current Rank: 7 Previous Rank: 5 Analysis: With brownouts and rising electric bills, solar panels with battery backup stay in the upper half of the rankings. While the initial investment for battery backup continues to be steep, we expect prices to drop as technology evolves, potentially boosting this feature higher on our list in the future.

Contemporary Home Design

Current Rank: 8 Previous Rank: 8 Analysis: Contemporary flat roofs are in, but they come with a caveat—precision in construction is a must, making it challenging to move up in our rankings. Homeowners love the modern look, but subpar work can result in the opposite of the desired sleek finish.

Tesla Roof

Current Rank: 9 Previous Rank: 11 Analysis: Tesla's solar roofs combine aesthetics with functionality. Offering solar and battery backup in a single package, this option is becoming more cost-competitive with traditional roofing solutions allowing it to slowly trend up in the rankings.

Economy Smart Home Options

Current Rank: 10 Previous Rank: 9 Analysis: Smart homes are smart, but with DIY solutions, they can be "sorta smart" too! While high-end smart home technology can be prohibitively expensive, DIY solutions can offer many of the same benefits at a fraction of the cost. Consider it the people's smart home; accessible and efficient.

Modern Farmhouse

Current Rank: 11 Previous Rank: 12 Analysis: While the Modern Farmhouse trend remains strong, we're seeing a shift towards more contemporary and modern variations of this classic design. Can never count out the Modern Farmhouse, only time will tell how this new age classic will play out.

Custom Decorative Lights

Current Rank: 12 Previous Rank: 13 Analysis: Custom decorative lighting has opportunity to move up substanially on the list as homeowners are increasingly willing to splurge a bit on eye-catching lighting fixtures, viewing them as pieces of art that illuminate their spaces in more ways than one.

Custom Metal Hoods

Current Rank: 13 Previous Rank: 10 Analysis: Custom metal hoods in the kitchen are becoming the show-stopping piece that turns a regular kitchen into a culinary theatre. Keep an eye out on this sleeper, as I can see it making some moves up the list.


As we conclude this edition of our Home Design Power Rankings, the landscape of home design continues to evolve, driven by homeowners' changing preferences and needs. We're living in an exciting time where design trends can shift dramatically from one year to the next, or even within months.

From large openings connecting us to the great outdoors to DIY smart home solutions that make life easier without breaking the bank, we're seeing some incredible innovation in the home design space. We'll continue to keep our finger on the pulse of these trends, so stay tuned for the next edition!



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